Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa di FK Unpad


  1. KAMI Asy-Syifaa’ (Muslim students)
  2. KMK (Catholic students)
  3. PMK (Christian students)
  4. KMBD (Buddhist students)
  5. KMH (Hindu students)

Science, Informative, Organization

  1. SRC (Science and Research Club)
  2. AMP (Atlas Medical Pioneer)
  3. Medicinus (Journalism)
  4. AMSA (Asian Medical Student Association)
  5. CIMSA (Center for Indonesian Medical Students Activities)
  6. Protokoler


  1. PSM (Students Choir)
  2. MMS (Medical Music Symphony)
  3. OBSCURA (Photography)
  4. Rinengga Gumiwang


  1. Futsal
  2. Volley ball
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Basket ball
  5. Chess
  6. Badminton

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