Indonesian Medical Student Executive Boards’ Association (ISMKI)

Was established through Declaration Cimacan 1969 as an organization called IMKI (Indonesian Medical Student Association) and then changed its name into ISMKI from on September 20th, 1981 until now. ISMKI is an inter-executive boards’ organization of medical students in Indonesia and serves as a non-government and non-political organization for medical students to actualize themselves for drumming up medical education, developing medical scientific discourse, implementing social dedication functions especially in health, developing journalistic and press abilities, also in the other fields in local, regional, national and international level.

Recently, ISMKI member consists of 51 executive boards of medical student that means the members of ISMKI are about 9000 medical students from East to West of Indonesia. Since its establishment, ISMKI has already done many activities and cooperated with national doctors’ association, government and NGO, etc; in the national or international.

In the national level, ISMKI has conducted National Management and Leadership Practical Center, National Scientific Congress, National research Exchange, World No Tobacco Control, Medical Student based Curriculum, National Medical Journals, Hasanudin Declaration, etc. In the international level, ISMKI collaborates with ASEAN NGO in the field of drugs control, takes part in the IFMSA GA and exchanges, and joins international medical education exchange, seminars and trainings.

“ISMKI nationally consists of four regions. FMUP is included in ISMKI wilayah 2 with other 16 institutions in west Java, Jakarta, and west Kalimantan.”


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