Jakarta, 11-13 July 2012 – Sari Pan Pacific Hotel

As we might know – The Millennium Development Goals almost reaching the end by the year 2015; however many women, particularly in developing countries still having problems in health, social, economy, culture and politics. Poverty made their condition worst. Following to the International Women’s Day celebration in 2011 within the 60th General Assembly of the International Federation Medical Students Association (IFMSA) participated by 65 countries in Jakarta, Indonesia; the Gender Harmony movement continues in Indonesia. Last December 2011, about 150 participants attended the First Training on Gender Harmony Public Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia to be facilitators on the Gender empowerment against poverty for Family Welfare. Women’s empowerment is Family advancement towards future investment; however they need to collaborate with men. Participation of men is truly encouraged. The gender empowerment and collaboration may bring family in synergy and have stronger coping mechanism to create their welfare, particularly free prom poverty and domestic violence.

Gender equality is needed to reach the gender equity; however harmony in family life, particularly among husband and wife will not born automatically, but within a process that comes from spirits and efforts to the common-needs, proper gender perception, creativity, practicing on togetherness, and to act in bringing the equal relationship and or expected condition, most importantly: a healthy lifestyle free from poverty/hunger and domestic violence.

The high maternal mortality, high poverty percentage with income below 1$, also with high numbers of women drop-out at school although they have enrolled the education, teen-age pregnancy, domestic violence, higher percentages of women in HIV/Aids, TB and Malaria are still found in the reality particularly in developing countries. Poverty, patriarchy culture, biased gender perception/services, ignorance of human rights and lack of family coping mechanism within egalitarian ethos and harmony communication are among the concerned situation of the family and community development. Gender empowerment is needed.

The International Conference on Gender Empowerment (IC-GEm2012), would provide discussion, site visit programmes and posters exhibition that being organized by the Foundation of Gender Harmony, Inersia AE, the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection RI (MOWECP), Board of Adviser President on Education and Culture from 11-13 July 2012 at Jakarta, Indonesia and UNFPA Jakarta. The ‘IC-GEm2012’ invites you to participate actively and submit papers for presentation or posters for exhibition.

The ‘IC-GEm2012’ will have the participation and engagement of dialogues from different stakeholders representing the government, the academia, advocacy groups, civil society, consultants, donors (bilateral and multilateral), private sector and key decision makers and implementers of the programmes in gender equality and empowerment within social, economy, education, health, culture and politics to address the emerging issues in Millennium Development Goals implementation related to women and children vulnerable condition in Asian, Europe, Africa, American and Latin Caribbean countries. Specific site visit programmes are available within the conference agenda to observation of rural communities, community health effort and or cottage industry for further discussion to get better modeling and strategy for gender empowerment.

The Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection RI is planned to open the conference; and Prof Dr. Meutia Hatta Swasono, from Indonesia will deliver keynote speech in Education and Culture that will be accompanied by other keynote/ distinguished speakers from many parts of the world, such as: America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

It is hoped that this conference may give suggestion and recommendation to a better world in the future, particularly through collaboration between men and women to have family advancement, independence, healthy lifestyle and welfare; free from poverty and domestic violence!

The theme of the conference is:

Gender empowerment against Poverty towards Family welfare.

The sub-themes are:

1. Education and culture within gender empowerment

2. Gender empowerment against illiteracy on law and human’s rights implementation

3. Gender harmony and prevention of domestic violence for family advancement and social welfare

4. Prevention of teenage pregnancy and unwanted children

5. Nutrition and breast feeding for healthy infants and children within poor families

6. Gender sensitive health care for HIV/Aids, TB and Malaria

7. Role of cooperative union on women economics and cottage industry

8. Family coping mechanism and gender collaboration empowerment within poverty challenges and environment

9. Women’s empowerment in applied technology for health

10. Role of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) for gender empowerment and advancement

The last date for abstract submission is April 10, 2012.

The last date for poster submission is May 10, 2012.

Please submit your abstract/poster to:

Registration to:

Early birds till April 2012.

Further query for guidelines, Form Application ICGE2012 and more information at: ;


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