Internationalisation of Higher Education (IHE) – Guidelines for Higher Education Research Partnership Programme Delivery Indonesia


The Higher Education Research Partnership programme is British Council Indonesia Initiative to strengthen educational links and collaboration between UK and Indonesia Higher Education institution. The UK government has identified Indonesia as key priority country for building strategic relationship on Higher Education.

Through this programme we would like to facilitate engagement along with promoting and assisting academics in Indonesia and UK to undertake a short-term visit to work together developing research partnership programme.

The programme will be focusing in the area of Science & Technology, Environmental & Climate Change, Security, Health & Medicine and Education.


  1. To encourage the development of new sustainable partnership and collaboration that involves joint research and innovation.
  2. To promote staff exchanges/visits between Higher education in Indonesia and UK to build research capacity through joint workshop, seminar sharing best practice.


  1. The programme is open to all UK and Indonesia HEIs. The project leader must be of at least postdoctoral status. The project must be a joint submission by the UK and Indonesia teams, through their institutions and endorsed by the respective heads of institutions.
  2. Applicants should provide a strong rationale to support how the proposed research initiative will have substantial impact in the area of research in Indonesia and/or UK.


The value of project awards will not be greater that £ 5,000 per project proposal for up to 6 project proposal approved. The funding will be allocated equally between the UK and Indonesian HEIs which each partnership institution will receive £2,500. The planned duration for activities under this funding may not exceed 12 months (from April 2012-March 2013).

Activities that the funding will cover:

  1. Costs for Staff and Postdoctoral Research Fellows’ (or equivalent) exchanges: to include travel related and accommodation costs
  2. Activities that foster collaboration, training and work on a collaborative research project in the specified theme/themes
  3. The funds are not intended to contribute towards the direct costs of staff time associated with the projects nor for administration or other overheads.

The selection criteria

The principles underlying the assessment and selection of proposals for research partnership programme will be:

  1. Proposal for funding submitted within the deadline, if the proposals receive after the deadline the proposal will be rejected
  2. The proposal satisfies all the eligibility criteria mention in this guideline. If any of the eligibility criteria is missing or is incorrect the proposal may be rejected

The main criteria for the proposals will be:

A. The extent to which the project might contribute towards both mutually and long term sustainable partnerships between the UK & Indonesia in the area of Science & Technology, Environmental & Climate Change, Security, Health & Medicine and Education.

B. The extent to which the projects applications are well thought through and deliverable, as demonstrated by:

  1. Have specified objectives achievable within a clear timeframe
  2. Have clearly costed proposals within the available resources
  3. Have clear idea on project continuity (how will the research be financed after the initial funding from British Council)
  4. Have clear ideas for dissemination
  5. Have a clear approach to monitoring and reporting
  6. Have recognized potential areas of risk
  7. Submitting your application

The proposal should be submitted online to by Friday 24th February 2012 at 16.00 (Indonesia time) as a Word document (not a PDF).

The online application will be submitted by only one of the lead partners (either UK or Indonesia HEIs), the form should be signed by both partners. Please note that any application which is submitted incomplete in any way-including the omission of any signatures and supporting letter from institutions-will not be considered.

Data Protection

By submitting an application, both parties agree that the information in the application may be made public or passed on the third parties and it is a condition of application to the scheme that you are agree to this.


The project leader will need to submit project and activity report at the latest 2 months after the proposed end date of project delivery. Report should also provide details on how research collaboration will be sustainable after the funding from British Council is complete.


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